the Lori Poland story

Lori Poland, co-founder of the National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect (EndCAN), has teamed up with film producer and screenwriter Heather Robinson-Ross to develop a screenplay based on her soon-to-be-published memoir.


Robinson-Ross has optioned the film rights to Poland’s story through her production company, Feisty Fox Productions. The two Denver natives are co-writing the screenplay together.

Poland’s kidnapping and rescue when she was just three years old received national and international attention. She was abducted from her front yard in Sheridan, Colo, abused and taken to an outhouse in the mountains. After three and a half days alone below ground and near death, Poland was rescued by birdwatchers. Poland has gone on to become a motivational speaker and therapist.


Poland recently co-founded the nonprofit foundation called EndCAN, for short. She and co-founder Richard Krugman, MD, launched EndCAN to bring the power of a national organization to unite survivors, expand child abuse prevention programs, invest in treatment and research, and support the many organizations working to end child abuse and neglect.


Poland’s incredible story of survival and ultimately identifying her kidnapper while bringing him to justice is just a small part of her journey which will be highlighted in the screenplay.